Amy: Anointing

Amy: Anointing


Sweet and virginal Amy may be a recent convert to the polygamy Church, but it has taken her no time for her to learn the twisted, kinky ways of Kara and Katherine, the Seed Bearer's favorite playthings. But they're just getting started. They can't wait to give the girl a lesbian massage during her anointing. After being taken to the Temple by her tearful mother, Amy was immediately given over to the gorgeous women for an unveiling ceremony that took her body past the limits of what she’d ever thought possible. Kara, the beautiful blonde with tight round ass, worked her over the hardest, making her gag on the sacred glass cock until her eyes watered, before pushing it inside Amy’s dripping wet pussy. Katherine and Amy’s friend Robin held Amy’s arms above her head. “You’re ours now,” They whispered as Kara fucked her so hard she saw stars. Amy was surprised by all the ways her body was used, but she wasn’t surprised by how much she liked it. After cumming more times than she could count, she realized acting on her secret desires is a lot more fun than just imagining them. Kara and Katherine have warned her that the next ritual will be even more demanding, and her friend Robin won’t be there to divide their attention. They slip a blindfold over Amy’s head and guide her through the winding halls of the Temple. She wants to know where they are going, but when she starts to say something, Katherine gives her a firm slap across her ass and reminds her that she has not yet earned the right to ask questions. When the blindfold comes off, she is in a dark room she has never seen before. Kara and Katherine place her on a bench and begin drenching her small, hairless pussy in oil. Amy is filled with desire for these hot girls, but also wants to be an obedient follower so she does not reach out to touch them. The two women disrobe and tell Amy to lie across the bench and spread her legs. “We need to taste every part of your flesh, to know if you are ready to continue on to the next ,” Kara says and Amy knows better than to disagree.

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