Betty: The Calling

Bethanie Skye

stepsister Betty Davis was the most popular polygamy girl in her mission — and it’s not hard to see why. She’s as beautiful as a supermodel, with long red hair, big boobs, a gorgeous pussy and zero inhibitions, and the other girls in the mission were all in love with her. The men had been in love with her too, but she never let them touch her body. stepsister Davis is a virgin, and she is saving herself for her wedding night. But the beautiful is home from her mission now, and the Seed Bearer has asked to see her. In polygamy communities, the Seed Bearer is the ultimate authority and can inseminate any of the girls in his church. But before he can give them his seed, there are a series of rituals, some of them very painful and humiliating, that the girls must go through. The first of these secret, erotic rituals is known as the Calling, and though stepsister Davis doesn’t know it, that’s why she’s there. The Seed Bearer will have her strip naked and then show him every inch of her hot young body. He needs to know that she is in peak physical condition before he breeds her. Then he will inspect her vagina carefully, and order her to pleasure herself, so that he can see if she is really worthy of his seed. And at no point during this degrading process will he be friendly or reassuring — when the Seed Bearer calls a girl, it is a terrifying and shameful experience. stepsister Davis has no idea what’s in store for her, but the Seed Bearer has been looking forward to getting his hands on her for a long time now. After she has proven herself, he has lots of other surprises in store for her.

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