Grace: The Calling

Gwen Stark

Grace is visibly nervous as she sits in the small office, waiting for the Seed Bearer. She wasn’t told why she had been summoned, so she has no idea what to expect from this meeting. She’s a strikingly beautiful redhead, but she has always been oblivious to the effect she has on men. She’s a shy, reserved girl, but with a palpable sense of pride. And her gorgeous, virgin body is any man’s fantasy. All polygamy girls are conditioned from a young age to understand that their role is to obey their leaders without question. And there’s no one more powerful than the Seed Bearer. Whatever he wants, she’ll be happy to submit. Dressed in the traditional temple clothing, she waits like a good girl, even though her stomach is tied in knots. What does he want with a girl like her? It’s a while before the Seed Bearer s into the room. He’s older than her, his face is handsome and he radiates confidence and control. Something about the way he looks at her makes Grace immediately look down at her feet. The young girl understands immediately, without a word, that this man has complete control over. And he can see that she will submit to him. The girls always do. The pleasure for him is in pushing against her boundaries, one by one, and watching her resistance fall as pleasure overwhelms her. He informs her she will be prepared for his seed, and although the innocent girl doesn’t know what that entails, she readily agrees. When he tells her to take her clothes off, she is shocked, but she doesn’t hesitate. She’s never been naked in front of a man before, and her hand is shaking as she loosens her dress and lets it fall to the floor. He can see immediately that she was a wise selection. He gets hard just looking at her milk white skin and her full breasts. He runs his strong hands over her nude body, inspecting her, touching her gently. He gropes her breasts, and then tells her to lie down and spread her legs. When he puts his hand on her pussy, she gasps. She wants to shy away from his eyes and from his fingers, but she knows better than to let her nerves show. And anyway, the way he is touching her is not unpleasant. He probes her pussy lips with a finger, then rubs her clitoris. She blushes bright red with shame as arousal starts to creep into her. She wants to close her legs but she does as she’s told and keeps them open. And then he tells her to touch herself. At first she doesn’t understand, but then she realizes her wants her to play with her pussy. She has never masturbated before, but she wants to please him. So she sits on the edge of the desk, spreads her legs wide and inserts her fingers, looking him in the eye the whole time. It feels amazing to finally have some relief in her pussy, which has been aching for attention, but it’s embarrassing to touch herself so intimately in front of someone else. Soon, the fact that he is watching her perform adds to the pleasure she feels. She lets the man’s focus on her fuel her arousal and desire. She fucks herself with her fingers and finally lets go of her inhibitions as she feels herself begin to cum, the man’s eyes urging her on.

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