Grace: Unveiling

Grace: Unveiling

Elektra Rose , Gwen Stark and Bethanie Skye

Young Grace has been escorted deep into the temple, further than she has ever been. Dressed for the first time in the elaborate ceremonial robes, she feels uncertain and a little nervous. Why won’t anyone tell her why she is here, or what is going to happen to her? But from a young age polygamy girls are taught the importance of submission, so Grace asks no questions. And when she arrives in a room set aside for secret rituals, she shows no hesitation as she bows her head and promises to honor and obey the High Priestess. She shocked to see that the High Priestess is wearing nothing but a sheer robe – the girl can see every inch of the woman’s stunning body. There’s another girl in the room, Anne, although Grace doesn’t know her and isn’t told her name. Grace has led a sheltered life, kept far from temptations. For a polygamy sexuality is something sacred, and Grace has always guarded her virginity. But her innocence will not protect her. She can see in the other two girls’ eyes that something painful and humiliating awaits her. Betty and Anne undress Grace slowly, revealing her hot naked body. Her skin is smooth, her breasts perky and nipples hard. Grace has been naked in front of other girls before, but the experience has never been erotic. But every time one of these girls touches her nude skin, a sexual thrill runs through her. Still, she is shocked when they immediately bend her over a tall altar. But she doesn’t resist. Betty displays Grace's perky ass and pussy, then proceeds to spank her. Anne follows suit, taking guidance from her superior. Betty is very pleased with Grace's reactions. Although initiating the girls is a sacred responsibility, Betty really enjoys the power she has over them, and loves it when the girls quietly submit to her. Her favorite thing is to see how much she can the girls without meeting resistance. At a signal from Betty, she and Anne begin Grace’s inspection, a humiliating and confusing experience for any virgin polygamy girl. The two examine Grace’s body thoroughly. Betty smoothes her hands over the girl’s creamy thighs and examines her ass and pussy, spreading her lips to take a close look at her tight hole. Grace does exactly as she’s told, even degrading herself by pleasing both women with her hands and with her mouth. And as she licks their pussies, she’s ashamed to find out how much she enjoys it. She imagines that the humiliation will be over soon, but she’s wrong. She feels something hard and cold pressed against her pussy, and she looks back to find the High Priestess rubbing her hole with a long stone instrument. Before she can ask what it is, the High Priestess has inserted it in her vagina, making the girl experience a novel combination of pleasure and pain. She writhes and tries to squirm away from the stone, but Anne holds her down. And when it is deep inside of her, it causes her such intense pleasure that she moans loudly. The High Priestess knows what she’s doing, and she works the girl’s vagina with the stone, bringing her closer and closer to an explosive orgasm.

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