Kara: Family Breeding

Kara: Family Breeding

Cadence Lux and Chloe Cherry

Robin can still taste Kara’s pussy on her lips as they walk through the temple towards President Nelson and his gigantic cock for a hot family breeding. Sweet, virginal Robin has never met President Nelson, one of the most powerful men in The Order, but her mother has warned her about his legendary, massive dick. “He splits girls in two,” her mother once whispered, pressing her hand against her daughter’s pussy. Robin had a feeling her mother knows first hand about Nelson’s cock. After an orgasm-filled, lesbian orgy, Kara eased her dripping cunt off of Robin’s slick face and ordered her to clean herself up. “I have a special treat for you.” Robin’s nervous, but she’s pleased to have been singled out by Kara, a beautiful blonde and one of The Seed Bearer’s favorite girls. She’d do anything to show Kara that she can be an obedient small girl. Robin washes the cum and sweat off of her skin and puts on a fresh ceremonial robe. Kara guides Robin through the silent halls of the temple halls to a white room filled with light. There in his white suit and tie is the dashing, giant President Nelson. Robin knows who he is immediately and she can’t suppress a shudder. “He splits girls in two,” she thinks to herself with a mix of fear and excitement. She is not sure she’s worthy to be in the same room as this powerful church leader. In a gruff voice he tells her to sit in a chair in the corner of the room and watch. “You are not to touch Kara or I.” Robin watches as President Nelson runs his large hands across Kara’s white skin, pushing her robes aside and sticking a finger in her pink hole. He sticks his tongue inside Kara’s open mouth. Robin’s pussy tightens with excitement. Suddenly Nelson cocks his finger at her and points to Kara. Robin is shocked, but she walks over to them and begins feasting on Kara’s pussy without delay. She is grateful to be included in such an intimate moment. And Kara tastes so good. Robin can see, even from across the couch, how hard Nelson is, his cock pushing against his suit. Kara looks at Robin and smiles slyly while unzipping the President’s pants. Robin nearly faints when Nelson’s throbbing member is finally revealed. It is bigger than she ever dreamed a cock could be. Her whole body pulses with desire. Kara gives her another teasing look and then swallows Nelson’s massive shaft all the way to back of her throat. President Nelson moans, and Robin can barely keep from moaning along with him. She knows she must keep quiet or she will get in trouble. She sucks all of Kara’s wetness into her mouth as Kara slurps on Nelson’s thick head. President Nelson turns Kara around and positions his cock at the entrance to her tight pussy. His dick is even bigger close up, and Robin can’t wait to see what it looks like sliding in and out of Kara. She lets out a sigh of delight as Kara steadies herself against Robin. This will be a pounding neither of them will forget.

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