Mary: Unveiling

Mary: Unveiling

Molly Manson , Gwen Stark and Bethanie Skye

Now that polygamy girl Mary has been made to masturbate in front of her spiritual leader, she’s in a state of shock. From the time she was a small girl, she has been taught that a young woman must protect her virginity at all costs. That she should never give her body to anyone but her husband. That she must not touch herself inappropriately or be alone with boys. When the older man whose authority and holiness she respects more than anyone else ordered her to touch herself, she had been confused and a little scared. Was this a test? But because she has been taught the importance of obedience, she did exactly as she was told. And she had enjoyed touching herself for the first time. She had even liked the fact that he watched her bring herself to orgasm. Most of all she had loved having his fingers inside of her vagina. Though she feels dirty and ashamed of what happened, she doesn’t regret it. If anything, she wishes he would go farther. But instead he makes her get dressed in the traditional polygamy temple clothing. Then he places a veil on her head that makes it hard for her to see. The Seed Bearer hands Mary off to Betty and Grace, two beautiful polygamy girls she knows, but she has never seen them half-naked like this. She wonders what they are going to do to her, but she doesn’t dare to ask them. Seeing these two gorgeous girls, their breasts exposed, Mary starts to feel sexual desire. And she’s very confused by these sexual feelings. After she swears to obey Betty, she’s stripped naked. Do they like her body as much as she likes their bodies? Will they touch her? And will she know what to do if they want to play with her? These questions make Mary nervous, but most alarming is the slender stone object on the altar. Mary can’t take her eyes off of it. They wouldn’t stuff that in her pussy, would they? But that is exactly what Betty plans to do.

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