Robin and Amy: Disciplinary Action

Robin and Amy: Disciplinary Action

Robin and Amy

It's time for Robin and Amy, two of the Seed Bearer’s newest acquisitions, to receive some harsh discipline. The Seed Bearer decides it's time to stretch their virgin pussies wide on his favorite tool of punishment, the priesthood stretcher. Robin can’t get the image of Kara being pounded by President Nelson’s throbbing ten inches out of her head. Robin almost fainted with pleasure when the moaning and screaming, cock-hungry blonde was held down and plowed by the massive man. It also left her feeling guilty. Each night she grips her bed sheets, willing herself to fall instead of rubbing her throbbing clit to climax. But it never works. She keeps giving in to temptation. As a new member of the church and a good polygamy, she knows her mind shouldn’t be filled with the thought of dicks sliding into pussies, especially her own. She feels she isn’t worthy of the Seed Bearer’s attention. She tells Amy, the other new convert about her bad thoughts, and Amy admits that she too has been has been struggling with temptation after watching Katherine be fucked by the Seed Bearer. One day, the two girls decide to confide in Kara about their dirty fantasies. Kara gives Robin a mysterious smile. Kara places her hands on the young girl’s shoulders. “Thank you so much for sharing this with me,” she says. She s closer and Robin shudders as Kara’s hot breath tickles her ear. “I’ll be sure to keep this our little secret.” But the very next day, Amy and Robin are summoned to the temple. Robin is separated from Amy and finds herself in a dark, cold room, completely naked and shivering. Solemnly facing her are Kara and Katherine and the Seed Bearer. And between her and them is a long bench with pegs that get progressively thicker. The last one is practically as thick as the small girl’s leg. What is that for? she wonders. “You need to learn your place, Robin,” the Seed Bearer says. Kara and Katherine guide the confused girl towards the first peg. “Since you love thinking about cock so much, why don’t you show me how much you can take?” She eases herself onto the first peg, feeling it stretch her tight pussy. It is already so much more than she was expecting. Kara rubs her nipples, coercing a moan out of her. But, the Seed Bearer urges her on impatiently. “Look at me,” he commands. “Next.” By the time she gets to the third peg, she is swollen and aching. She pleads to stop, but the Seed Bearer will not take no for an answer. She sees Kara exchange a satisfied look with Katherine. Knowing that Kara planned this, that she wanted to see Robin suffer, floods Robin with an unexpected wetness and she is able to slide down the peg. The Seed Bearer tells her to look at him. Even now, through this humiliation, she can’t help wondering what the handsome leader of The Order would look like standing over her, stroking his dick, his white hot cum covering her body. And she wonders, what’s in store for Amy. Will she be able to take this punishment, or will her young body be pushed beyond its limits?

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